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    At first glance it may seem like its the best decision to start your PPL at this small aerodrome. Its close if you are based in London and the facilities look good.

    Speaking of facilities and having completed my ppl and looking back I can honestly say that the only good thing about Stapleford Flight Centre is the recently installed toilets and the coffee at the club.

    Aircraft: Masking tape is the go-to choice for aircraft repair, Flaps controller in most Cessnas is worn to the point of being unsafe. its not rare for the carb heat control to stay in your hand when you move it to the hot position.

    Instructors: Arrogant, incompetent, some even unsafe. I have to say I paid quite a lot of money to teach myself how to fly through books and videos.

    Reception: unhelpful, impatient, complete lack of customer service skills

    To be fair I would have used much harsher language to describe this “flight school” but I would like this review to be published so at least one person looks elsewhere.

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