The Cotswold Flying School is a small friendly flying training organisation based behind the fire station at the recently re-named Cotswold Airport at Kemble in Gloucestershire which is close to the catchment area of Cheltenham and Gloucester (30 mins), Swindon (30 mins), Bath and North Bristol (45 Mins).

We are CAA approved for flying training and also to conduct ground school exams.

Our staff

Managing Director Stuart Adey

Stuart has over 26 years experience in the aviation industry, both military and civil Air Traffic Control, and managing the UK’s largest airline pilot college based at Cranfield. Stuart has also worked for handling agents at international airports dispatching and also briefing crews.

He is also a keen cyclist, artist, musician, and can speak French Dutch Turkish Russian and a splattering of Czech and Spanish. English, however, is a bit vague as he is a Geordie. Stuart has a wealth of knowledge and many connections in the commercial aviation industry and can assist any student pilot with their aspirations of achieving a career as an airline pilot.

Our Chief Flying Instructor Chris Puddy is a highly experienced pilot

Chris has over 15,000 hours experience flying multi-engine turbo props and pistons worldwide, and empasses invaluable knowledge with standardised techniques to his students, currently with a 100% first time pass rate for students PPL/NPPL skills tests and IMC Ratings. Chris is not only a highly experienced instructor with over 3000 instructional hours, but he is the best instructor I have worked with in both commercial and general aviation; not only in his competency and skill, but his calm and patient manner. He instils confidence into the most nervous students and first time flyers, giving them a sense of achievement and joy.

Like other schools we provide all the training required for PPL, LAPL, IMC and Night ratings, and there is nothing new to add here. However we do have a modern Cessna 172 built right at the end of 1999 and this is fully equipped. Our Tecnam SIRA is also built this century so learning to fly in this aircraft, which flies like a little fighter, and has a modern Rotax engine and Garmin 430 GPS brings you up to date with aircraft technology.

Aerobatic Training at Cotswold Flying School

What we can offer that is a little different is Aerobatics training on a variety of aircraft. You can start in our Cessna 150 Aerobat to learn the basics. The Cessna is so stable that if you can do aerobatics in this then you can learn to do aerobatics in anything. John Bowen, our ex-RAF fast jet and airline pilot can take you through this basic training.

Shortly we will be having a CAP 10B available to us for aerobatic training and tailwheel conversions. This classic aircraft has a fully inverted fuel and oil system, and flies beautifully. At present it is having an engine overhaul, but should be available in August. Our CFI Chris Puddy will be available to instruct in this aircraft, and the Cessna. He won the aerobatics instructors competition in 2012.

Pitts-S2A from Cotswold Flying School

Finally we have available a Pitts S2-A. This aircraft has been totally overhauled and is like a brand new aircraft. The Pitts is a classic aerobatic aircraft loved by many aerobatic pilots. And best of all the instructor available to teach you advanced aerobatics in this is non other than Ed Cyster, one of our top British Aerobatic champions.

Watch Ed Cyster in action here:

So if you fancy a gentle loop, or violent tumbles, contact Cotswold Flying School, to find out more.

See our Cessna in action during an aerobatic sortie:

We also offer a unique experience of a “Fly ‘N’ dine” where two people can take a flight over the Cotswolds one of you receiving some flight instruction and then both retire to AV8 the amazing fully licenced restaurant at Kemble for a delicious 2 course lunch and with a picturesque view of the airfield.

Hear what students at Cotswold Flying School Kemble have to say

Read reviews about Cotswold Flying School Kemble left by current and former students.

  1. I definitely recommend CFS – have been flying there for around 4 years now. Very friendly, personable service, excellent instructors, aircraft well maintained, good advice when you need it.

  2. I have flown with CFS for more than 5 years ,travelling 80 miles from home near Cardiff to do so,which speaks volumes about professionalism and people skills of both Stuart and Chris.Kemble and CFS is a good place to learn to fly or improve your skills and Chris is without doubt the best instructor with whom I have ever flown.Fly CFS!!

  3. I have been flying with the Cotswold Flying school for approximately four years, and have found it to be friendly, competitively priced, and very adaptable to my requirements. Kemble itself is an excellent airfield to fly from, with good facilities and an interesting aviation environment.

  4. I cannot thank and recommend Stuart, Chris and the team at Cotswold Flying School enough. From the first day I walked in to book my trial lesson I had received as a gift, to the point now where I am looking to book my skills test and complete what has been a thoroughly enjoyable, although sometimes a personally nerve racking experience everyone has supported, understood and provided the best level of service and support I could have possibly asked for. I am looking forward to furthering my flying career with Cotswold and enjoying a lifetime of flying that the guys here have been there every step of the way to help me to achieve.

  5. Nice people, nice aircraft, nice airfield.

  6. Having flown with Chris and done my IMC rating with him, I can confirm he is the best instructor I have ever flown with. His calm, friendly approach puts anyone at ease and really allows you to focus on learning, and ,earning the right way.
    Stuart runs a great school and is never afraid to go the extra mile for his students

  7. These guys are really helpful and supportive.

  8. I did my PPL and IMC with Cotswold Flying School and can’t rate them highly enough. Really high standard of instruction in a great aeroplane, we did everything from landing in bumpy farmers’ fields to trips across the Alps and all round Europe. I really wouldn’t hesitate to recommend CFS to a new student or hirer.

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