Following on from Merseyflight’s Learning to fly – top 5 factors to consider article the following post comes from North London Flying School. A well renowned flying school, the folks at NLFS believe that the experience of learning to fly isn’t just about the flying; it’s about the flying community as well.

Learning to fly with NLFS – the video

Start with a Trial Flying Lesson

At North London Flying School, we understand that the total cost of a PPL licence can be financially challenging which is why we ensure that every student gets the best out of each lesson they take with us. We don’t require the money up front and many people start with a trial lesson, then progress throughout the whole course through paying after each flight taken. We also provide a flight loyalty card so there are discounts of flights and merchandise along the flight training journey.

Learn to fly surrounded by a great club atmosphere

As a flying club member, the facilities are there for all pilots to enjoy – students and instructors alike. This creates a great club like atmosphere in which students can mix with instructors outside of the cockpit or classroom giving them a chance to ask extra questions and learn from the experience of others.

Also, the club social environment allows many people to speak to other pilots under training and to get inspiration from pilots that achieved their licence. The club holds a number of events to help pilots assess weather, navigation and a young aviator day to give an insight to the young pilots from as young as 11 years old. As part of the member’s base, there is Ted who is the oldest PPL holder at 93 and Will Doherty being the youngest at 17 years old.

Flying training costs – be sure to understand what’s included

When reviewing a flying school, it is important to look at the total costs involved in a lesson. At North London Flying School we charge £175 per hour for a Piper Cherokee lesson, this includes 60 mins flight time, 60 mins of the instructor time for pre and post briefing and landing/circuit fees. At some airfields, especially commercial airports the landing and circuit fees are extra. There is also a membership fee to the club to take into account, at North London Flying School it is £125 for the year and there are a number of benefits including 15% off in the café onsite, club house access, insurance, access to learning facilities and access to the online booking system. Be sure to check what’s included in your membership fee.

Help with funding your pilot training is available

The young aviator day really gives an insight to how the young pilots can raise the money to start and within North London Flying School there is a flight exchange programme where they can work in exchange for flying lessons. There are also scholarships and grants that people can apply to in order to get a helping hand. North London Flying School are also approved as part of the ELCAS MOD training credits programme which means ex military personnel can get credits for flying lessons. Therefore there are ways around the costs.


At North London Flying School, we pride ourselves on being ambassadors for the sky and we want to ensure that you receive a high level of flying training so you can be the best pilot you can be. Flying is not just about going from A to B, the journey is amazing and we help you all the way to achieve any goal whether it be just to go solo or go right through to the IMC training. Live the dream, you can do it.

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